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Nao Knowledge - Nao interfaces with True Knowledge

With the interest that has been generated by natural language queries in such products as SIRI, on the iPhone, and Speak to It Assistant, on Android, I have become intrigued with the idea of integrating a natural language capability into my Nao robot. A sort of quick question and answer service provided by my robot buddy.

After some initial investigation, I decided to start by using the True Knowledge Natural Language Query engine. True Knowledge have a developer program that gives you access to the API and up to 2000 queries per day. This seemed ideal for the initial work so I signed up.

The True Knowledge API is very straight forward to use. Simply call the documented URL with the correct details, primarily your user name, api key and question. True Knowledge returns an XML based response detailing the answer and other references where available.

Using Choregraphe to create the behaviour, and Python to script the call to True Knowledge, along with extracting the answer data from the response, an effective proof of concept was built. The proof of concept uses a Nao widget to pass the question to the robot over XMPP. A video of this is below:

Posted: 14/11/2011 21:20:46 by Carl Clement
Filed under: Nao, Robot, Robotics

Nao Bluetooth Modification (thanks Carlitos)

Carlitos, over at Carlitos Contraptions, has been looking at ways to add bluetooth to his Nao. He has reported a number of successes but has just released a video that details how to make the mod to Nao's head. So with no further ado here is Carlitos:

Posted: 06/11/2011 21:30:10 by Carl Clement
Filed under: Bluetooth, Hardware, Nao

Origins, an animation with a robot in it.

I am always in awe of truely artistic and creative people. It is always nice when something I love is included in a creation that is truely beautiful.

Below is a short animation by Robert Showalter. It was brought to my attention by Lem via his blog at Robots Dreams (thanks Lem). Thank you Robert, love you short film.

origins from Robert Showalter on Vimeo.

Posted: 06/09/2011 21:28:28 by Carl Clement

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